So you've learned a little about our little farm, now you'll get to meet the family who loves it.

 Scott - Owns our family rental business: Parties Made Simple.  If you want to host a party but don't want to be the entertainment or do the cooking, give us a call. We have tents, tables, portable toilets and inflatable toys along with cotton candy machines, soft serve ice cream machines, etc.  You can check out the business at
Scott doesn't do a lot of riding, he's our forever groom, supporting fan and chauffeur. Couldn't make it through all our shows/fairs/expos/parades without his help!

 Terri - Retired from Mayo Clinic. Besides working and raising 3 girls, Terri has 'survived' the tough job of keeping Scott in line since 1984!  Terri started into mules when a family friend told her she was showing this white mule for him.  Then, she made the mistake of leaving her mare at the farm, who happened to be in heat. Low and behold the next year, she received her first mule, who we still have to this day.  Terri shows alongside her 3 daughters.

 Mary - Graduated with a Bachelor in Equine Science, then was assistant trainer at Conway Arabians for 2 1/2 years.  Mary is currently working at a small animal veterinary clinic.  She also trains horses, mules & donkeys from home.  Mary has been training since she was about 11 years old, with a large thanks to the 4-H Horse Training Project.  She and her training projects have been very successful in the show pen!  Mary's husband, Brandon, helps wrangle their young twin boys and is excited to watch them ride his trail mule 'Buckshot'.  Leadline classes, here they come!

 Jennifer -  Jennifer enjoys helping around the farm, trail riding and the occasional show.  Jennifer currently lives several hours from the farm, so doesn't ride as often as she would like.  Her young son is totally bitten by the equine bug and loves riding as much as he can, participating in his first 2 leadline classes before his first birthday.

 Alyson - Alyson graduated from SDSU in Brookings, SD, majoring in Natural Resource Law Enforcement.  She followed the 'mule trainer' footsteps, training her Appaloosa mule 'Tipsy' along with a variety of our other young mules & donkeys. Alyson currently lives and works in SD with her husband Josh.  Josh adores donkeys and enjoys riding whenever time allows.